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Credit Application (Business)

Principal Owners, Main Stockholders and/or Directors

Person One

Person Two

Person Three

Person Four

Bank Reference

Trade Reference: Retail Stores - No credit cards please.

If this application is accepted and credit is extended, the applicant shall be deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions. If accounts are not promptly paid when due, the applicant's name may be listed in the Bureau of Collections Credit Rating file and if this account is collected by a collection agency or an attorney, by suit or otherwise, applicant agrees to pay all collection fees and/or attorney fees and cost of collection. Terms if not otherwise specified are net 30 days. Interest shall also be added to any unpaid balance at the rate of 1 1/2% per month, which is equivalent to 18% per annum, unless such interest is prohibited by any existing local laws and then the maximum allowed under such local statutes shall be in effect. Further, if this application is accepted and credit is extended, the applicant hereby authorizes and approves of Mid-City Lumber Co., Ltd releasing any and all information regarding applicant's delinquent account or accounts to any person/business entity who requests this information.
Signature of Authorized Officer