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What colors are attracting today’s homeowners for new builds and remodeling projects?

The choice of color plays a major role in meeting client expectations and guides the selection of countertop materials, fabrics and of course paint colors for walls, doors, window frames and more.

Paint manufacturers employ in-house color experts who scrutinize actual sales data to predict where the color market is headed. Forecasters also take their color cues from domestic and international travel, art, fashion and even popular culture.

Recent reports indicate a growing preference for warm undertones, with monochromatic all-gray walls fading in popularity. According to one design expert at Mid-City Lumber, “It is all about adding pops of bold colors and minimizing the all muted, gray look.”

Warming Trend for Color Selection

Whether it’s unwinding after a hectic day or seeking a quiet oasis from our screen-saturated world, folks want to come home to comforting spaces, surrounded by warm, welcoming tones. This trend appears throughout the color wheel in recent paint manufacturer forecasts.

  • Warm undertones. A slightly softer touch gives bright colors a more inviting feel that creates a sense of optimism that appeals to designers, builders and consumers.
  • Softer neutrals. While cool grays and other neutrals can seem a bit impersonal, a hint of beige or other warm tones can cozy up the atmosphere.
  • Warmer white. Transitioning from crisp to creamy can retain the airy feel of lighter shades, while also softening the space.
  • Rich dark hues. For those looking for a touch of drama or intrigue, burgundy, navy, brown and other rich colors look fabulous on cabinetry, interior doors, furniture or accent walls.

Using Gray Effectively

What about clients who still have a soft spot for gray? All hope is not lost!

International color expert Maria Killam points out that color trend cycles will always be with us, and the key is not so much whether you include gray in your palette, but pairing it correctly with other, bolder colors.

Feel-good colors are here to stay, so it’s important to choose design partners with a sharp eye for undertones and a keen sense of which colors work well together.

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