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With more Americans working at home, a convenient home office is a must-have consideration for new builds as well as renovations.

Some 3.7 million employees already work from home, and one Stanford University researcher found many benefits including greater productivity and fewer distractions.

Whether you’re including a home office with a new construction or adding onto an existing structure, here are some helpful hints for a successful project.

Transform Existing Spaces

A home office renovation can breathe new life into an outdated space or add value to an under-utilized room. Here are a few great candidates for this type of project: 

Minimize Distractions

The home office should be a quiet, dedicated space that supports concentration. Locate the workspace away from “noisy” social areas such as the family room. 

A “detached” space is one way to create a sense of separation between work and play areas. Good options include a room over the garage or small outbuilding in the backyard. 

Include Built-Ins

Whether it’s used for work or studying, every home office needs plenty of storage to minimize clutter. Built-in items also free up more floor space to make the room feel bigger and less cramped. Consider options such as:

For clients needing a place to brainstorm, other great features include whiteboards, pegboards or magnetic boards. 

Connect with Tech-Friendly Features

Make it easy for clients to stay in touch with their own customers and colleagues while working at home.

A home office requires abundant electrical outlets and internet connections to accommodate multiple devices.

Another great idea is to include videoconferencing and presentation capabilities, such as built-in cameras and large, wall-mounted screens. Just make sure the space behind the camera looks fabulous for those remote collaboration sessions!

Create a Vibrant Workplace Ambience

Home office decor needs to strike the right balance between the personal and the professional.

  • Fantastic office lighting may include task lighting above desks and cabinets, and pendant lighting over conference tables.
  • A large window offers a refreshing view of the outside world, while letting in plenty of natural lighting for possible daytime energy savings.
  • Light, neutral colors promote a sense of calmness, focus and creativity. 
  • Flooring materials should be easy to clean and conducive to moving furniture. 


From employers offering more flexible schedules to the rise of freelancing and the “gig economy,” more and more people are finding the home office to be an indispensable part of the 21st century home.

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