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The Milwaukee STUD™

A reliable tape measure is one of the most essential hand tools you need to finish projects on time and on budget. It also has to stand up to whatever punishment the job dishes out.

Milwaukee Tool answers the call with its roll-out of the aptly-named Milwaukee STUD™. Dubbed “The Industry’s Most Durable Tape Measure,” let’s take a look at what makes the STUD™ one of the best tape measures you can have in your toolbox.


Let’s face it. Tape measures take lots of abuse. They get dropped, stepped on, twisted, retracted too aggressively and dragged over all kinds of rough surfaces.

So it’s no surprise that tape tear is a common pain point for contractors, according to Brandon Miller, Director of Product Marketing for Milwaukee Tool.

  • The Milwaukee STUD™ literally gets around this problem with EXO360™, an advanced nylon coating that wraps 360° around the blade and prevents rips, wear and tear in the tape.
  • On top of that, the STUD™ includes a fully reinforced frame and impact-resistant overmold that can survive an 80’ drop.

Accuracy & Efficiency

A superior tape measure lets you take correct tape measure readings fast.

  • The STUD™ has bold number markings and standard increment measurement marks that are easy to read.
  • The EXO360™ coating protects markings from wearing off, so numbers and other marks last 10 times longer than those on a typical blade.
  • Standout means you get faster measurements thanks to a stiffer blade for greater reach. The Milwaukee STUD™ features a 10’ to 17′ straight standout, depending on which size you choose.


Your tape measure should fit comfortably in hand for speed and efficiency. The Milwaukee STUD ™ includes many ergonomic features that boost usability:

  • Comfortable rubber overmold is also slip resistant
  • Overmold extends over the feet to keep the tape measure in place
  • Base of retraction slot is flat so it stands up
  • Finger stop opening lets you control speed of tape retraction in the mechanism without hurting your fingers
  • Blade lock easy to set and release


And there we have it: the Milwaukee STUD ™ tape measure explained.


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