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Construction worker wearing hard hat and using a power drill

Continued growth in the construction industry translates into an ongoing need for quality power tools to satisfy increasingly stringent client demands.

With most contractors expecting business to increase in 2020, several factors will guide power tool selection over the next 12 months: 

  • Durable, dependable models that save time and money
  • Advanced technologies engineered for more complex tasks
  • Quality materials and exceptional design
  • Greater need to address safety requirements

Today’s power tools are lighter and easier to handle than those used by previous generations. Look for portable, cordless models that include intuitive accessories and adjustable settings that enable greater customization and attention to detail.

  • All-in-one screwdriver-drills come with offset-driving, right-angle drilling and simplified driving.
  • In-line stud and joist drills give you higher torque, longer run times, automatic speed switching and sensors for monitoring tool motion. 
  • Cutting saws with adjustable torque and speed cut through a variety of materials including thread rod, struts, pipes and tubing. 
  • Portable track saws make it easier to process heavy sheet goods and come with collection bags to keep workspaces free of dust. 
  • Compact sanders feature convenient attachments that let you customize the work of smoothing out rough edges to exact specifications. 
  • Advanced grinder tools come with wheels that are a cinch to switch, with the help of simple levers for connecting or ejecting. 
  • Powerful staplers include aggressive locking capability to cut down on skips, jams and misfires. 
  • Innovative tying tools give you thousands of ties and adjustable strength for tying multiple rebar sizes. 
  • Get more accurate measurements with rotating lasers that perform a range of tasks like leveling, setting out slopes and transferring and checking heights. 


At Mid-City Lumber, our professional building experts are here to answer your questions about the latest power tools for expanding your capabilities in the year ahead and beyond. 

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