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Luxury open floor plan featuring living room and kitchen

Design fads may come and go, but the open floor plan is still going strong.

After almost three decades, homebuyers continue seeking out large, communal spaces that combine multiple activities for greater convenience. 

Open floor plans remain a must-have feature for new builds and for remodeling older homes. 

Advantages of an Open Floor Plan

Here are just a few of the many reasons why people love open floor plans

  • Improved real estate value: For those needing to bring an older home into the 21st Century, removing a few walls is an excellent renovation. Open spaces add just the right modern touch for attracting new homebuyers.
  • Makes the home feel bigger: Even a modest-sized home feels much more spacious if it includes a large kitchen-dining-living space. Too many walls make residents feel cramped and isolated, while open spaces encourage more interaction between family members and guests. 
  • Easier movement around the house: The open floor plan makes it easier to switch between tasks and reduces the need to run from room to room while juggling responsibilities. 
  • Safer for families with children: Multifunctional spaces let mom or dad perform grown-up tasks like cooking or paying bills — and still keep an eye on what the kids are doing or which websites they’re visiting.
  • Transforms the kitchen into the “heart” of the home: Today’s kitchen isn’t just for cooking. It’s also for sharing quality time with family and friends. Effective open concept design allows for convenient functionality, fantastic design and easy connection to living and dining spaces. 
  • Great connection to the outdoors: More and more homeowners want integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. Large windows provide a fabulous backyard view all year round. Sliding glass or French doors create a relaxed indoor-outdoor atmosphere for dining and conversation.
  • Facilitates entertaining: No host or hostess wants to be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else has all the fun. An open floor plan lets everyone join in on the action with more room to move around as the occasion progresses. 
  • Abundant lighting: Both natural and electric light travels farther with an open floor plan, creating a cheerful, welcoming ambiance for everyone. Illuminating multiple rooms from a large, central ceiling fixture presents potential energy savings. 

Open Floor Plan Challenges

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why many people choose an open floor plan for their homes. However, there are a few potential concerns to address in order to make the project a success. 

  • Energy consumption: While open floor plans offer the potential for more efficient lighting, they may cost more to heat and cool. Work with clients to make sure the space is well-designed and properly insulated to save on utility bills. 
  • Concerns about clutter: Lots of open space also means lots of room for toys and other belongings to pile up, so be sure to include ample storage space. Excellent options include built-in shelving, tall cabinets and large closets. 
  • Noise and privacy: Residents will still need a quiet space for working from home, reading or meditating. Balance an open floor plan with at least a few smaller, separate rooms for solitary activities.


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