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A new year brings with it a renewed sense of optimism, even as we continue grappling with the challenges that came our way in 2020.

Instead of always venturing out for work, school and shopping, we’ve gotten used to performing these activities at home. Experts predict that many of the changes we’ve seen over the past year will linger even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Examples include telecommuting, virtual meetings and remote education.

Our ever-evolving lifestyles are also reflected in the building and remodeling projects homeowners are taking on. Here are some of the trends that are showing up on this year’s home design wish lists.

Dedicated Spaces

Families from all walks of life are now spending more time at home together. This has many people looking for alternatives to the open floorplans that have been common over the last few decades. 

One good option is a balanced floorplan that includes both shared living spaces and private areas. Convert a single, large room into two smaller ones with a wall, partition or sliding doors. 

Many projects involve designing areas for specific activities. A home office lets mom or dad focus on work. A dedicated study offers a quiet place for kids to attend virtual classes and do homework. A little-used bedroom, dining room or unfinished basement can be transformed into a recreational space for playing games or getting some exercise. 

Home Offices

While home offices were already growing in popularity before COVID-19, events of the past year have accelerated the trend.

A dedicated work area cuts down on distractions that may be present in other parts of the house. Built-in office furniture and shelving help to free up extra floor space. Sound-insulated walls keep noise out, helping with focus and productivity. 

With video conferencing now a staple of today’s work life, a so-called “Zoom-worthy” background is another home office must. Attractive paint colors, artwork, green plants or shelves displaying objects of interest are good options for creating a pleasing backdrop. Quality lighting helps to ensure a camera-ready appearance.

Kitchen Ideas

With people eating out less, functionality is now a top priority in kitchen design. 

Homeowners need more specialized workstations for baking, prepping, chopping and other tasks. They’re also needing enough room for two or more people to help with cooking and cleaning. Other good options include large islands with ample counter space, clever storage and organization solutions, and task lighting over work areas.

On the aesthetic side, many people are looking for what Houzz calls a “collected over time feel.” That means a mix of architectural details that look like they might have been added at different points in time over the years. A similar trend is to mix and match countertop materials, such as a marble island with a soapstone perimeter. Light wood cabinets create an inviting contrast when paired with darker countertops. Backsplash tiles in a herringbone or chevron pattern add a sense of movement.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom ideas continue to reflect an ongoing desire for a home spa that offers a calming retreat from the stressful world outside.

Larger tiles give any bathroom a more spacious feel, plus fewer grout lines for easier cleaning and less visual clutter. Flooring materials in a matte finish add subtle elegance along with slip resistance. A curbless shower lets you run seamless tile throughout the entire space for a uniform look. 

Great options for shower walls and floors include quartz, porcelain and a variety of engineered materials in an endless array of tasteful colors. Other ways to create a restful, relaxing space include bigger shower stalls, freestanding soaking tubs and touchless features such as motion-activated lighting.

Outdoor & Home Exterior Upgrades

A well-designed outdoor living space flows effortlessly between indoors and out while giving you the perfect place to enjoy a little fresh air. 

Entertain safely with a new deck or patio. Soak up a stunning natural view with an enclosed porch. Need some extra shade? A charming pergola is quick and easy to install. Add functionality with a convenient outdoor kitchen. A backyard cottage offers another ideal solution for your home office, exercise room or guest bedroom.

A stylish front door boosts curb appeal to make that all-important first impression on visitors and would-be home buyers. Improve energy efficiency with quality windows. Updated siding is a great way to freshen up your home’s exterior.


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