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Jeff Hemme

The people at Mid-City Lumber are always ready and willing to provide a level of service that you just can’t get at big box stores. That’s number one for me. Next is the loyalty – I’ve had the same sales guy for almost 15 years. He’s stayed with them that long, and I’ve stayed with him that long. He knows me, knows how I think and anticipates my needs. It all makes my life a whole lot easier.”

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Derrick Schooler

Schooler’s Construction chooses Mid-City Lumber not only for their quality materials and great service, but because of their knowledge and willingness to work with both me and my customers. With Mid-City, I can be sure we get everything just right – from the 2×4, to the paint, to the flooring and everything in between – to build my customers the house of their dreams.”

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Nick Bryson

I’ve been doing business with Mid-City Lumber for 17 years. They have a courteous and knowledgeable sales staff, and that’s important when it comes to my custom-build clients. They have a great showroom which is also helpful, along with an extensive inventory of building materials and products. But probably the biggest thing that sets them apart is their service. In this business it’s inevitable there are going to be issues from time to time. No matter what the problem, they will do whatever necessary to make it right.”

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Dan McCray

Mid-City Lumber’s professional staff provides outstanding customer service. They have great product knowledge, a wide product selection, quick turn around on material quotes and prompt delivery.”

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Jake Bruton

Mid-City Lumber knows what it means to stand out. They will go above and beyond to take care of customers. If it’s a single box of nails at 5 o’clock and we need it, they’ll bring it. We know we can always count on them.”

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