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Why People Love Open Floor Plans - Posted On: 10/23/19

Luxury open floor plan featuring living room and kitchen

Design fads may come and go, but the open floor plan is still going strong.

After almost three decades, homebuyers continue seeking out large, communal spaces that combine multiple activities for greater convenience. 

Open floor plans remain a must-have feature for new builds and for remodeling older homes.  Read More »

Home Office Design for Maximum Work-Life Balance - Posted On: 10/2/19

With more Americans working at home, a convenient home office is a must-have consideration for new builds as well as renovations.

Some 3.7 million employees already work from home, and one Stanford University researcher found many benefits including greater productivity and fewer distractions.

Whether you’re including a home office with a new construction or adding onto an existing structure, here are some helpful hints for a successful project. Read More »

Construction Industry Outlook for 2019-2020: Smooth Sailing or Rough Waters? - Posted On: 9/11/19

Construction spending fell to $1.287 billion in June, down 1.3% from May. Meanwhile, the Commerce Department reported a 4% decrease in new housing starts in July. 

Are these numbers a sign of trouble ahead, or just a momentary pause in an otherwise robust construction market? An assessment of current trends reveals both promising opportunities as well as continuing risks for contractors.

  • A recent survey found that most contractors expect the dollar volume of projects they complete in 2019 to be about the same as in 2018. Continued economic strength, the emergence of a new generation of home buyers and historically low mortgage rates are among the trends pointing to opportunities for growth. 
  • However, contractors continue to deal with an ongoing labor shortage, fluctuating commodity prices and emerging concerns about how long the current economic recovery will last.

Read More »


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