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What’s New in Construction Power Tools for 2020? - Posted On: 12/26/19

Construction worker wearing hard hat and using a power drill

Continued growth in the construction industry translates into an ongoing need for quality power tools to satisfy increasingly stringent client demands. Read More »

Inform Clients about These 7 Home Remodeling Myths - Posted On: 12/2/19

Two contractors working on white kitchen remodel.

Home remodeling is big business.

The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard tells us that U.S. spending on home improvements reached a record of $425 billion in 2017, according to the most recent data.

On top of that, the typical renovating homeowner shelled out $15,000 on home improvements in 2018. Motivations for renovating include a desire to boost home value, aging in place or accommodating the needs of a growing family.

But not all projects are created equal. While many home improvements do increase home value, many have no impact at all and some even backfire.

It’s essential that contractors take the time to educate clients on the best improvements to meet their needs, achieve the best return on investment and stay within budget.

Here are 7 common myths that lead many consumers astray when it comes to remodeling.  Read More »

Why People Love Open Floor Plans - Posted On: 10/23/19

Luxury open floor plan featuring living room and kitchen

Design fads may come and go, but the open floor plan is still going strong.

After almost three decades, homebuyers continue seeking out large, communal spaces that combine multiple activities for greater convenience. 

Open floor plans remain a must-have feature for new builds and for remodeling older homes.  Read More »


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