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Boost Comfort & Save Money with Energy Efficient Home Improvements - Posted On: 4/7/21

Did you know that up to 20% of your energy bill may be wasted because of poor efficiency? 

Remodeling your home is a great way to cut those utility costs, make your home more comfortable and attract future buyers. If you’re wondering how to increase energy efficiency, there are a number of improvements you’ll want to consider, starting with a home energy audit.  Read More »

Woman installing LED bulbs in overhead light

Should You Choose an Open or Closed Floor Plan? - Posted On: 3/15/21

The open floor plan has been a staple of contemporary homes for over half a century. Driven by casual lifestyles and a desire for convenience, the familiar kitchen-living-dining combination has dominated home design ever since gaining popularity in the 1950s. 

But as with so many aspects of our lives, COVID-19 has some homeowners seeking out the more closed-off spaces that were common before World War II. Today’s families need practical, flexible floor plans that let parents and children each have their own respective spaces to work and learn. Building and real estate experts are speculating that these trends may continue even as life returns to a pre-pandemic way of life. 

Whether you’re planning a new build or remodel, you may be unsure of whether to go with an open or closed floor plan — or a mix of both. To help you decide, let’s review some of the pros and cons of each.

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Couple sitting on floor reviewing floorplans

Which Home Improvements Boost the Value of Your Home? - Posted On: 2/17/21

If you’re thinking about selling your home this year, you’ve got plenty of company.

Zillow is predicting strong growth in home sales, as increased availability of the COVID-19 vaccine has people feeling optimistic. With demand increasing, more sellers are taking the plunge and putting that “For Sale” sign out in the yard.

As competition increases, how can you make sure your home stands out from the crowd? Here’s a summary of home improvement projects that can increase home value and generate interest among would-be buyers.

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Miniature wooden houses with arrow sloping up to symbolize increasing home sales

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