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Construction Industry Outlook for 2019-2020: Smooth Sailing or Rough Waters? - Posted On: 9/11/19

Construction spending fell to $1.287 billion in June, down 1.3% from May. Meanwhile, the Commerce Department reported a 4% decrease in new housing starts in July. 

Are these numbers a sign of trouble ahead, or just a momentary pause in an otherwise robust construction market? An assessment of current trends reveals both promising opportunities as well as continuing risks for contractors.

  • A recent survey found that most contractors expect the dollar volume of projects they complete in 2019 to be about the same as in 2018. Continued economic strength, the emergence of a new generation of home buyers and historically low mortgage rates are among the trends pointing to opportunities for growth. 
  • However, contractors continue to deal with an ongoing labor shortage, fluctuating commodity prices and emerging concerns about how long the current economic recovery will last.

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How to Use Shiplap in Your New Build or Remodel - Posted On: 7/22/19

Is shiplap in or out this year? This may be the great home design debate of 2019.

Some caution that the white-hot farmhouse craze, with its heavy reliance on shiplap, may be cooling off as homeowners look for fresher fads to latch onto. Others contend that farmhouse design isn’t going away — it’s just getting a little more refined

Keep reading for some of the advantages of shiplap, as well as ideas for incorporating it into your next new build or remodel.  Read More »

Should Homeowners Remodel, Move or Build a House? - Posted On: 7/11/19

Man and woman dreaming about their new house.

Is it better to remodel or move? Or perhaps it’s time to build a new house?

Contractors frequently hear questions like these. 

A Harris Poll found that 76% of U.S. homeowners plan to complete home improvements in 2019, an increase from 2018. Big-ticket residential remodeling activity increased 4.1% in the first quarter of 2019 from the same period a year ago.  Read More »


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