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2019 Patio and Decking Design Guide

wooden terrace with wicker garden furniture and lots of greenery

After long weekdays filled with traffic jams and tight deadlines, more and more people are seeking the comfort of a relaxing getaway, right outside their own back door.

A well-designed patio or deck is the perfect retreat for delving into a good book, entertaining family and friends, or enjoying a breathtaking sunset before turning in for the night. Homeowners also want a smoother transition from indoors to out, with patios and decks functioning as “outdoor rooms” that reflect the look and feel of the home’s interior. Read more »

Home Design Trends to Watch in 2019

Early indicators point to 2019 as a year of great opportunities for first time homebuyers as well as those who are ready for an upgrade.

Residents want homes that support their busy lifestyles, encourage positive interaction and promote a sense of well-being in today’s topsy-turvy society.

Here are 10 trends to watch as the year continues to take shape. Read more »