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In 1969, Mid-City Lumber opened its doors to serve the people of Mid-Missouri. We were a lot like you – we had an idea and a vision, and that was it. Mid-City was our project, and our finished product was a business suitable to serve the communities where we all live and work. We’ve been around for quite some time, and we’re excited to be around for quite a bit more.

Although a lot has changed since our humble beginnings, there are a few things that stay pretty much the same. We still believe in providing the best quality products at fair prices. We still appreciate our customers and try hard to make sure they know it. And we still believe that people – our customers, your customers, and the team here at Mid-City – are what really matters.

Our People – Your Resource

Our team knows what it means to start from scratch. Through many years of training and expertise, we’ve learned how to deliver quality products in an ever-progressive culture. From supplies, to local regulations, to the latest technology and DIY how-to, we’re here to be a knowledgeable resource for both contractors and homeowners. Because a good day for us is helping our customers get things done.

In a world full of how-to, let Mid-City Lumber be your trusted resource. We’ll do everything we can to make you glad you did.



Lance Jennings - Inside Sales

15 Years with Us

Lance enjoys the challenge every day of trying something new and exploring the ideas of customers. He lives in Columbia and enjoys playing golf and socializing with family and friends.

Jeff Buchner - Inside Sales

33 Years with Us

Jeff likes working with the people both at Mid-City and that do business with Mid-City. He lives in Columbia and spends his free time playing golf and working in his yard.

Mike Teel - Owner

37 Years with Us

Mike started Mid-City lumber with a desire to bring good people together and build something to benefit the community. A resident of Hallsville, Mike spends his spare time enjoying his family and their horses.

Zane Cobb - Sales Manager

13 Years with Us

Zane says the best part of working at Mid-City is that every day presents a new challenge. Zane lives in Hallsville and enjoys hanging out with his wife and children.

Will Clark - Outside Sales

16 Years with Us

Will loves helping customers see their projects to completion. He lives in Columbia and likes to farm and spend time with his kids.

Marilyn Bishop - Sales

35 Years with Us

Marilyn says working at Mid-City is like being part of a family. A resident of Moberly, Marilyn enjoys sewing, knitting and quilting.

Gary Hague - Inside Sales

16 Years with Us

Gary enjoys dealing with people and helping them figure out their projects. Gary lives in Hartsburg and spends his spare time fishing and gardening.

Steve Moak - Purchasing Manager

18 Years with Us

Steve says he loves that the building industry is still a people industry, and that things are still done through personal contact. A Fulton resident, Steve enjoys spending time with his family and hunting.

David Johanning - Sales

27 Years with Us

David feels that working with people is just plain fun. He is a resident of Columbia and enjoys hunting, fishing and golf.

Adam Palmer - Purchaser

14 Years with Us

Adam says that working at Mid-City means he gets to face a new challenge every day. Adam lives in Columbia and enjoys hiking and biking.

Jessica Hux - Inside Sales

11 Years with Us

Jessica likes working with the Mid-City team, and helping people build their dream homes. She lives in Columbia and likes to spend time with her family and play with her dogs.

Gene Sandner - General Manager

3 Years with Us

Gene loves spending every day working with great customers and staff. A resident of Rocheport, Gene likes to spend his down time with family and friends.

Mike Dodson - Outside Sales

17 Years with Us

Mike loves to work with contractors and homeowners to help them complete their projects. Mike lives in Columbia and likes to spend his down time enjoying family.

Gayle McCoy - Human Resources

37 Years with Us

Gayle has enjoyed the people at Mid-City for quite a few years. A resident of Columbia, she is always happy to get to spend time with her grown grand children.

Mary Fitch - Accounting

2 Years with Us

Mary is new to the Mid-City family and says the people are really nice. Mary lives in Columbia and enjoys attending baseball games, gardening and working the family livestock.

Karen White - Inside Sales

16 Years with Us

Karen really enjoys her customers and says they are fun to get along with. She lives in Hallsville and prefers to spend her spare time doing anything outdoors.

Kurt Kammerich - Outside Sales

22 Years with Us

Kurt says working with customers is fun and the best part of his job. He is a resident of Pilot Grove and likes to spend his spare time fishing or enjoying his grandchildren.

Peggy Hendrickson - Estimator

15 Years with Us

Peggy loves all the important details about her job – putting them all together to help the customer decide what will work best for them. A resident of Columbia, Peggy likes to spend her free time in her garden.

Allan Reetz - Estimator

4 Years with Us

Allan enjoys the way his job keeps him up to date on all the current trends in design and construction. Allan lives in Columbia and when not at Mid-City, enjoys the artistry of woodworking – from cabinets, to music boxes to puzzles and more.

Audrey Matteson - Accounting

2 Years with Us

Audrey comes to Mid-City and Columbia all the way from the state of California, and is excited about living in a climate with all four seasons. Previously employed as an accountant at a law firm, she enjoys the faster-paced environment of Mid-City Lumber, and finds the people at Mid-City to be a lot of fun.

Laura Hagemier - Accounting

2 Years with Us

Laura is happy to join the Mid-City team, where she says the people are helpful and welcoming. Her previous experience includes 11 years of accounting. Laura and her husband live in Middletown, where she is fortunate to be close to both her grown sons and regularly enjoys her two grandsons.

Mike DeShazo - Operations Manager

1 Year with Us

Mike comes to Mid-City with more than 20 years of management experience. He lives in Columbia with his wife and is blessed with seven children and 16 grandchildren. His hobbies include anything outdoors, woodworking and running a non-for-profit organization. He loves the people and culture of Mid-City and is happy to be here.

Jeff Holmes - Inside Sales

1 Year with Us

Jeff Holmes brings 18 years of experience in contractor sales to the Mid-City team. He says what he appreciates most at Mid-City is the professionalism and knowledge of the people. Jeff lives in Columbia and enjoys music and movies with friends.

Rob Miller - IT Manager

1 Year with Us

Rob is a Missouri native who currently lives in Columbia. He joins the Mid-City family with more than 26 year of experience in IT. Rob says what he enjoys most about this field is that even with years of experience, there are always new challenges and new things to learn.

Everett Mertens - Purchasing Manager

5 Years with Us

Everett has worked in the building and construction industry for more than 26 years and says what he likes most is the way the industry is always changing. He enjoys the people he works with and for at Mid-City Lumber, and when not working, enjoys spending time with family and following Patriot football.

Austin Mueller - Outside Sales

1 Year with Us

Austin is a Harrisburg native with a background in general construction. He is pleased to be part of the Mid-City team and says the people are friendly and deliver a high quality of customer service. When not working, Austin loves being Daddy to his daughter.

Chrissie Campbell - Flooring & Cabinets Designer

1 Year with Us

Chrissie has more than 20 years of experience in design work, and says what she loves most is being able to take a blank slate and make something amazing. She enjoys having input on the designs and working with the builders. She and her husband live in Columbia, and Chrissie is a seasoned triathlete.

Terry Schler - Sales & Service

22 Years with Us

Terry enjoys interacting with people and helping them navigate the construction process. A Columbia resident, Terry enjoys being at the Lake and traveling.

Sonja Talley - Accounting Manager

2 Years with Us

Sonja says the variety and fast-pace of accounting for Mid-City Lumber is what she enjoys most. She is a Jefferson City resident who commutes to Columbia, and in her spare time enjoys running and traveling.

Becky Strawn - Accounting

2 Years with Us

Becky is excited to join the accounting team at Mid-City and is enjoying both the new people and new challenges. Boone County residents, Becky and her family farm. With three kids in high school, Becky doesn’t get a lot of time to herself – but when she does, she prefers to spend it outdoors.


Jeff Wilmsmeyer - Outside Sales

18 Years with Us

Jeff enjoys working with conractors to help them build a great home. Jeff lives in New Franklin and in his spare time, likes to fish.

Larry Glaubitz - Store Manager

20 Years with Us

Larry enjoys helping people figure out the best way to approach their project. A Columbia resident, Larry spends his spare time gardening and working in his yard.

Daniel Dodson - Sales & Receiving

9 Years with Us

Daniel likes that working at Mid-City allows him to meet new people. Daniel lives in Fayette and likes to play golf, fish and play with his kids.

Jared Mullett - Sales

10 Years with Us

Jared enjoys interacting with customers and getting to know them. Jared lives in Boonville and likes to take a motorcycle ride every now and then.

Jefferson City

Gayla Schanbacher - Interior Designer

9 Years with Us

Gayla loves to match different personalities to their ideal design style. She lives in Jefferson City, and in her spare time enjoys playing golf and spending time with family.

Curt Duenckel - Outside Sales

9 Years with Us

Curt says working at Mid-City is different every day, and he enjoys that. A Jefferson City resident, Curt likes camping and spending time with his family.

Doug Fowler - Outside Sales

6 Years with Us

Doug loves to meet and interact with the various contractors and customers of Mid-City. He says there is never a dull moment. Doug lives in Jefferson City and likes to ride his Harley and go to church.

Dane Wilson - Branch Manager

22 Years with Us

What Dane enjoys most about working at Mid-City are the contractors, many of which he has known for years. Dane lives in Columbia and likes riding horses in his spare time.

Carly Wilson - Interior Design

2 Years with Us

Carly is a Jefferson City resident who loves spending time with family and friends, and her best pal (dog) Bryli. She is excited to be a part of the Mid-City team and enjoys all the people she works with and for, as well as keeping up with the ever-changing design industry.

Bob Davis - Drafting/Sales

1 Year with Us

Bob joins Mid-City Lumber with 30 plus years of carpentry experience. He and his wife live in Holts Summit with their four boys and enjoy being active in their church. He says what he likes most about Mid-City is being able to utilize his love and talent for carpentry to draft blue prints for clients.

Sheila Schneller - Sales and Design

1 Year with Us

Sheila is a Jefferson City resident with 16 years of experience in design. She enjoys the process of working with clients from floor plan to fruition. When not at the softball field with her daughter, she and her family enjoy spending time at the Lake and camping.

Brandon Ruediger - Inside Sales

1 Year with Us

Brandon has been around the construction industry most of his life, and has always enjoyed remodeling and building projects. He likes interacting with Mid-City customers as much as the staff, and finds the environment family-like. Brandon and his wife live in Jefferson City and have one son. In his free time he enjoys family camping trips and building things. 

Doug Custard - Sales

10 Years with Us

Doug likes working with people to help them solve problems. Doug lives in Holts Summit and likes to play golf when he has time.

Jeff Puckett - Sales & Service

10 Years with Us

Jeff loves working with contractors and getting to know them – many of which are like family. Jeff lives in Holts Summit and never tires of chasing his two grandchildren.

Ray Wyrick - Sales & Receiving

9 Years with Us

Ray says that every day is a new adventure, and he really enjoys the variety. A Jefferson City resident, Ray spends his spare time volunteering through his church.

Maggie Brandt - Accounting

10 Years with Us

Maggie is happy to say she knows many of the Mid-City customers and she likes to see them day-to-day. She lives in Koeltztown and spends her spare time riding her motorcycle.


Drew Irvine - Outside Sales

12 Years with Us

Drew enjoys working with customers to help make sure their projects are in line. He lives in Sedalia and enjoys spending time with family, especially at the Lake.

Donna Ventura - Interior Designer

3 Years with Us

Donna is a Sedalia resident with more than 24 years of experience in interior design. She loves helping customers find the perfect match for their diverse tastes. In her spare time, Donna refurbishes furniture that she finds at garage sales, making old things lovely again.

Shelly Turpin - Sales & Accounting

11 Years with Us

Shelly has enjoyed building relationships with her customers over the years. A Sedalia resident, Shelly keeps busy away from Mid-City with her photography business.

Joe Hopper - Sales

9 Years with Us

Joe is happy to work for a company like Mid-City where they treat their employees well. He lives in Sedalia and enjoys woodworking, travel and socializing with friends.